"Waiting for something to happen?" — MEWO

Hi, I'm Charles. I'm a student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Digital Media Design, which is a program that combines CS with computer graphics and fine arts.

I like to design and build games and websites. I also have an interest in graphics programming. To that end, I help run our game dev club UPGRADE and our SIGGRAPH chapter.

In my free time I like running, making album covers, playing the bass, obsessing over trains, and tinkering with my Arch install.

Check out some stuff I've done below. My socials can also be found below. Thanks for stopping by.

The sun is rising on a hill. Trees with colored lights are in the distance. Clouds are in the sky. The player has glowstone selected in their hotbar.

Creating a voxel OpenGL game engine

C++, OpenGL, Qt

In the middle of a game round, with the timer running down and the player already having lost one life.

RCW, my first Unity game

Unity, C#, Figma

My customized login theme, featuring a light, pastel blue color scheme with a glacier wallpaper.

Designing my own Linux login manager

Qt Quick, QML

This website's homepage is rendered on desktop and on mobile. The projects are blank and nondescript.

This site will always be a work in progress

Astro, TypeScript, Tailwind