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Making a link shortener with Astro DB

To easily share my Spotify, I like to use link shortener services. I got tired of how they always stopped working, so like any other sane person, I wrote my own.

Designing my own Linux login manager

sddm-theme-corners is a theme for SDDM. It strives for customizability, simplicitly, and an intuitive layout.

Creating a voxel OpenGL game engine

For the final project of our graphics class, I worked in a team of three to build a "mini" version of Minecraft. I handled chunking, rendering, gameplay systems, and UI.

Making a Unity game!

RCW is an endless minigame about matching colors and text together. I tried to focus on a super clean UI and simple controls. It's also playable from your browser!

Work in progress.

Road work ahead? I sure hope it does. Some random thoughts on building things, in the context of this website (and other projects).